The Most Relaxing Place on the Adirondack Coast…..The Point Au Roche Lodge

It feel like it has been ages since I was last able to take time and sit down to do some writing . I’ve been keeping busy exploring all over the Adirondack Coast throughout winter and summer. In my many adventures, one of my more relaxing evening has really left a lasting impression on me. Today is a departure from stories of my long hikes to the highest peaks or kayak trips through the Adirondack backcountry. Even adventurers need to take a step back and relax. For the weekend I packed for an over-night visit to a great little Bed and Breakfast, the Point Au Roche Lodge.

I have been a frequent visitor to Point Au Roche State Park for many years. With miles of hiking trails, excellent kayaking opportunities, long sandy beach, picnic areas, boat launch, Point Au Roche is the perfect daytime retreat. Every time I would venture out to Point Au Roche State Park I would drive past this beautiful log building marked by a small red sign that reads “Point Au Roche Lodge”. Every time I would  look at the Point Au Roche Lodge and think to myself, “ I want to stay there some day”. I contacted Karen, one of the pair that own and operate the Point Au Roche Lodge, and set my date for an evening away.


The Point Au Roche Lodge is perched in a Postcard quality setting of forest and meadows. Only a few steps away from the front door of the lodge is the Entrance to Point Au Roche State Park. Point Au Roche Lodge Is also located along the Adirondack Coast bicycle routes and minutes away from many of the local wineries of the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail.

The Owners of the Point Au Roche Lodge, Karen and Creston have not missed a beat when it comes to hospitality. Outside, the Point Au Roche Lodge is surrounded by a well manicured lawn, beautiful mature flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and very active bird feeders scattered about. Step inside to the great room with a soaring ceiling, cozy seating areas, mellow music, and a large stone fireplace. From that first moment I knew that the Point Au Roche Lodge was going to be the relaxing retreat I had been hoping for.

My room for the evening was the “spinnaker”, one of the only eight guest rooms with their own individual theme and amenities. The Spinnaker room, as the name suggests, is a nautical themed room dedicated to nearby Lake Champlain. The nautical room has an in-room jacuzzi tub, three-sided gas fireplace, private balcony, large stand up shower, and a four-poster queen size bed. The sun was setting and the sounds of the marshland wildlife was filling the air. I sat for what felt like hours on the deck feeling a level of relaxation I cannot recall feeling any time in my adult years. The sun had gone and it was time to rest my heavy eyes.


The following morning I rolled over in my bed struggling with the idea of leaving such a cozy space. I had read pages of past visitors recollections in the room journal while on the deck. Each of them end with astounding praise for Creston’s culinary skills. As comfortable as I was laying still in bed, I knew that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to experience what so many others had.

I opened the door to my room and was struck by the incredible smells coming from the kitchen. The music coming from the great room played like a soundtrack to serenade me down the stairs to the dining room. The breakfast offered was truly worth pulling me away from that cozy quilted bed. I enjoyed a frittata prepared with fresh ingredients from the on-site garden, juice, coffee, and conversation with Karen and Creston while the birds outside also enjoyed their breakfast from the collection of feeders.

My evening at the Point Au Roche Lodge can be summed up with one word, relaxing. Every step of the way, every detail is truly designed with relaxation in mind and The Point Au Roche Lodge has nailed it. Anyone looking to visit the Adirondack Coast would be amiss if they didn’t take a look at the Point Au Roche Lodge when booking their stay.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Relaxing Place on the Adirondack Coast…..The Point Au Roche Lodge

  1. I’ve stayed at the Point Au Roche Lodge. You’ve captured the essence of an almost hidden diamond. Each and every visitor is made to feel at home. There are no pressures… well as stated above, waking and attending Creston and Karen’s delightful breakfasts 🙂

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