The August Project: 8-31-13 The Final Day

The August Project has come to a close. Thirty one days of activity on the Adirondack Coast spent Hiking, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, speed boating, jet skiing, water skiing, and late night strolls. All along the way with close friends and new friends who asked to come along for an adventure.

To close out the August Project I set up with a friend to spend the day and night camping. We buzzed out of the office at 2:30 and went straight to the water for the first few hours of fun out on the jet ski. Lake Champlain was perfect for jet skiing. The weather report called for rain throughout the day, so many of the boaters didn’t hit the water. Under a cloudy sky we shot out of the bay and headed south to Willsboro Bay and North to Peru.


After docking the Jet Ski we went back to the water to paddleboard our way over to the best little beach to comb for sea glass I have ever been to. The cloud cover had passed, and the water had calmed even more for a perfectly calm paddle across the bay. We had the shoreline to ourselves as we strolled along staring at the ground searching for treasure.

Scanning the shore
Scanning the shore

With the last sunset of august dipping behind the cliffs, we hopped back on our boards and made way to the campsite to start cooking up my favorite camping cuisine of bacon wrapped burgers with onion and potato. Celebratory beverage in hand we clinked glasses, laughed, and talked about all of the great experiences this August had brought our way.

The last setting sun of August
The last setting sun of August

The unofficial close to summer is here now as Labor Day approaches. Of course I’ll be slowing down a bit, but for now I’m still going to take advantage of the weekend and get out in the sun for some more.


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