The August Project: 8-30-13. Another Eventful Evening.

The final two days of August are here. I’m excited to take some time to kick back and relax, and feeling sad to see this experience go. Over the past thirty days I have pushed myself to go to work my normal 45+ hours and still get outside and take advantage of every second of remaining daylight. Along the way this experience has brought me the great joy of spending evenings with many of my dearest friends, and brought two great new people into my life. 

Tonight I darted to the water to meet up with another great adventurous friend to take a nice late evening kayak trip together. I was late getting out of work and didn’t have time to throw together the proper kayak attire. We met up at her place and headed to what turned out to be the August Project’s most popular destination, the Ausable River. 

The evening's lone photo of the darkness that quickly enveloped us.
The evening’s lone photo of the darkness that quickly enveloped us.

I have brought all of the new paddlers I have been going out with to this spot for the calm water, beautiful scenery, and abundant wildlife. Tonight, dressed in my entire work attire (shirt, tie, polyester), we got in the river late and paddled off while the sun was quickly setting behind us. In my hurry, I left my camera behind and only had my trusty cellular device to snap a quick photo before the darkness set in. 

Although we were not able to take a long leisurely trip along the river, we still managed to have a beautiful time forgetting the week while enjoying the birds, bats, and the sounds of the early evening insects in the woods. One more day to go. I have it all planned out to go out with a bang. 


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