August Project: 8-29-13. The days are growing shorter.

It’s the 29th day of August and the August Project is quickly coming to a close. Today I had the pleasure of taking another kayak trip with another newcomer to the sport. The days are getting shorter on the Adirondack Coast. I was late to get out of work today, and made it to the river later than expected. We got in the water near 7:00 pm and started out on our slow, calm water paddle toward Lake Champlain.

photo (58)

The sky was already darkening with a light cloud cover as we started out. My new kayaking partner was taking to the water well. We paddled along slowly observing the scenery while the early evening insects played their tune through the woods. Our evening was cut short by the rapidly setting sun, so we turned back to catch the last of the setting sun.

photo (60)

Another perfect August day with another great friend.

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