The August Project: 8-28-13. A long walk on the beach.

28 days into the August project, and my body is telling me that I have been pushing it a bit harder than it had wanted me to. Today was a beautiful warm day full of sunshine. After a long and very productive day at the office, I decided it was time to take a relaxing walk in the sand.

8-28-13 (28)

Plattsburgh City Beach is one of the longest stretches of sandy beach on a freshwater body of water in the United States. This stretch of beach is like a different world to me. I am so accustomed to the rocky shorelines of the islands or the cliff walls that rise from the shore. The clean dry sand and the dunes that rise up on the land remind me of my years spent living on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

8-28-13 (27)

We slowly strolled along sharing jokes, snapping photos, and watching the reflection of the pink sky dancing on the waters. There were a few late day bathers splashing in the water, and couples strolling by hand in hand. I had already forgotten my long day at work. The mellow sounds of the water lapping on shore, the birds, the breeze, and watching others enjoy this perfect little slice of the Adirondack Coast together brought me a great sense of peace.

8-28-13 (35)

A stroll along the Plattsburgh City Beach is enough to make everything else disappear. Three more days left of the August Project, and although I am ready to kick back in my chair after work, I am going to miss these daily visits to the outdoors.

8-28-13 (26)

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