The August Project: 8-26-13. The Eerie Past.

Mondays are the longest days for me in the office. We only stay one hour longer than any other day of the week, but one hour is enough to cut my nights short. Throughout this month I have used Monday evenings as my time to take smaller strolls through the city of Plattsburgh along the Saranac River Trail. This trail system connects the city from north to south along Lake Champlain, and east to west along the Saranac River.

Tonight, as the closing bell rang, Mother Nature threw down the biggest de-motivator to any outdoorsman. Two minutes before seven and the rain began to fall. A close friend and I had planned to walk along the portion of the Saranac River Trail that passes by the cities’ oldest cemetery, Riverside cemetery.


The rain had lifted, and left behind an eerie fog perfect for a cemetery stroll through the intricate grave markers dating back to the early years in Plattsburgh. This cemetery is the final resting place of many of the great names that founded this city. I wish I knew more about the people buried here. I am a bit of a local history buff. After tonight, I am more interested than ever to take part in one of the Greater Adirondack Ghost Tour Companies’ lantern lit tours where the guide brings people through these places of the past and tells their story.


So this evening we shook angry fists at the sky, but still followed my motto of “if you wait for the weather you’ll never get anything done”. Another perfect stroll through the city of Plattsburgh and a strange feeling of connecting to the past.



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