The August Project: 8-25-13. On Company Time

Every August my company throws the annual Company barbecue at Point Au Roche State Park. We all gather together for that one singular moment when we can all just be ourselves outside of the workplace. Everyone comes along with their softball mitts and watercraft to share.

Point Au Roche
Point Au Roche

the crowd generally splits off after lunch between the softball game and the fun on the water. Naturally I gravitated toward the water. Today, for the first time, I had the opportunity to try out on a set of water skis. I am proud to say that I managed to get up on the skis on the first try.


Now, sitting here typing, my body is reminding me that a 31-year-old man does not handle somersaults quite as well as he might have ten years ago. We all enjoyed great time skimming the water, kayaking, sun bathing, playing ball, and of course eating our way through the buffet.

The final week of the August Project is here, and started off with a bang!


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