The August Project: 8-22-13. Alternate plan

For the first time since starting the August Project, I battled with Mother Nature over my plans. Tonight was set to be a going away meeting with a dear friend who will be leaving this place for a new life in the west. Our plan was to go out together for another kayak trip, but shortly before leaving work Mother Nature decided to throw out the one thing that will stop me from entering the water, lightning.

We made the decision to say goodbye to each other in the same place we went the very first day we got together, Arnies Restaurant in downtown Plattsburgh. We laughed til we cried, spoke of the good times, and discussed the brightness of the future. Although not on our agenda, Mother Nature brought us to this place where we have spent so many beautiful moments together.

After dinner, with a heavy heart and heightened optimism for the future, I got together with another friend for a late night stroll to the Plattsburgh Boat Basin for an eerily beautiful moonlit stroll along the Saranac River Trail. The storms had passed. The moon peeked through the clouds, and the sailboats clanged in the mild breeze through the bay.


The evening was altered, but I feel it was altered for the best reasons. Always making the best of any situation, tonight turned out to be a beautiful evening full of laughter, love, and contentment.


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