The August Project: 8-20-13 Part one. A day on the lake.

I admit, I was finally defeated by long days of work and long nights working on the August project. After a very troublesome day in the office, I returned home feeling weak and exhausted. For the first time this month I took an evening off to spend with a friend to relax while staring at mindless television. Today, this twentieth day of August, I feel that I redeemed myself by spending all of it on lake Champlain.


The first part of my day on the lake started with a much-anticipated and long-awaited fishing trip with some friends. We had been talking for quite a while about getting out together on their boat for some fishing time. The day had finally come, and it came to me with a challenge. One of their young children with an uncanny ability to catch fish had challenged me to a “fish-off”. Simply put, he who catches the most wins.

We started out on their pontoon boat at 11:00 from the Plattsburgh Boat Basin. The water was choppy, and showing distant signs of whitecaps. The setup for fishing wasn’t ideal. The waves were between two and three feet. the pontoon boat rocked and splashed its way through the chop across Cumberland Bay toward the straits of Cumberland Head.

I’ve had success fishing these waters before, and was confident I would give the kid a run for his money. Stopping along the straits we cast out and the game is on. Mere moments into fishing and the game starts off with a 1-0 with me at zero.


2-0, 3-0, I come up empty. I admit defeat while being heckled by a child over my inability to snag anything. No matter my loss, just spending time out on the water with great people is all I need. I admit, I may be a bit bitter, but the company and the day could not have been better spent.

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