The August Project: 8-18-13 Casual Sunday

Sunday. The only day I have life’s permission to sleep in a little longer. It is the only day I am guaranteed not to have to think about the daily grind for even a moment. This Sunday had the perfect set up for that laid back casual Adirondack Coast life. After a great time spent with family over BBQ and conversation, I headed out for a Sunday evening stroll along the shore.

The moon over Lake Champlain.
The moon over Lake Champlain.

The clear sky, mild waves on the rocks, sounds of the insects in the fields, and the smell of the water. I don;t think I can ever grow tired of any of this. I’ve been successful in getting out with nature 16 of these last 18 days, and every one of them has brought me a new experience. Sometimes the subtle change in temperature or a shifting breeze is enough to make every day unique.

8-18-13 (3)

I have a full week ahead as I begin the final leg of the August project. I’ve had many thoughts running through my head of this evening, while looking forward to another week full of new experiences.

8-18-13 (4)

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