The August Project: 8-15-13. Plattsburgh’s little microbrewery.

Thursdays are the hardest day of the week for me to venture out into the wilderness. I am always torn between my traditional gathering of friends at The Plattsburgh Brewing Company for a night of trivia, or going off on my own. Last week I Chose to head out into the wilderness, so this week I got back into the swing of things and joined back up with my team.

I still consider tonight as a blog-worthy experience considering it takes place in a setting that can only be had here. The Adirondack Coast is home to numerous wineries, sugar shacks (maple syrup), Apple orchards that go on for miles, and beer. Microbreweries have become very popular and have been cropping up in cities big and small across America. I am one of those guys who seeks out the local favorites to sample the creations of their local brew masters.

Tonight we didn’t come out victorious, but we all still got to spend the evening enjoying the company of friends while imbibing in the Adirondack Coasts only microbrew creations at the Plattsburgh Brewing Company.

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