The August Project: 8-13-13, staying dry indoors

I woke this morning to the sound of rain. The perfect cool breeze was coming in my window, and my motivation levels quickly tanked. The rain showers and heavy cloud cover stayed through the day as I struggled with what it was I could do. I have always followed the rule that if I wait for the weather, I will never get anything done. With my motivation level in the dumps, I decided to just keep it indoors for the day.

I know it’s not quite as exciting as fighting the waves of Lake Champlain, watching wildlife from the top of a mountain, or taking a walk through the firefly forest at point Au Roche, but today was going to be a day of strolling the streets of downtown Plattsburgh to do the next best thing, thrift shopping.

Although not as magical as all of the rest of my adventures, thrift shopping for me is still exciting. I get into scavenger mode as I scour through piles of cast-off items that someone else had no more use for. Downtown Plattsburgh is home to multiple thrift stores all within walking distance of each other. Each one is piled floor to ceiling with treasures waiting to be discovered. Like kids in a bargain priced candy store, a friend and I laughed, joked, and dug our way through until we came out victorious.

Tomorrow I will be back to enjoying outdoor adventures no matter the weather. If I wait for the weather, I’d never get anything done.


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