The August Project 8-10-13. Wavy day

The daily grind was finally coming to an end. One more long week working bell to bell and filling the space between work and sleep with an outdoor adventure. Today was the first day since I started the August Project that I didn’t have a plan in place. My co-worker/outdoor adventure partner extraordinaire and I looked up across the desk at each other and, without hesitation, said we needed to get out on the water with our SUP.

the SUP to me is like going to the best gym on the planet. The full body workout leaves me fulfilled every time I go out and paddle a few miles. Today we loaded up quickly after work and headed to my favorite launch site, Port Kent.

8-10-13 (3)

The waves were small, at first, so we hopped aboard and headed north with the intention of going to the sandbar and back. It didn’t take too long for all of that to change. The waves grew. one foot, two feet, three feet. Our venture out on Lake Champlain for the typical SUP workout turned into a serious full-body power paddle.

8-10-13 (14)

Now I will say, I am tired. 50+ hours at work and ending every night with a kayak or hiking trip leaves can wear a man out. Tonight’s few mile workout has actually done me in. It certainly was another gorgeous Adirondack Coast evening.

8-10-13 (15)

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