August Project: 8-8-13. Another Perfect Lake Champlain Adventure

Another beautiful Adirondack Coast day spent with another very dear and sorely missed friend. thanks to the power of social media, I have been able to spend each of my first eight days of the August Project with eight different and very special people. I have said it before, but I can’t believe how much this project has brought me. This project reaches far beyond the magnificence of enjoying the Adirondack Coast every day.

8-8-13 (3)
Shoving off into Lake Champlain.

Through the use of social media I reached out to everyone to be a part of the adventure. Today I was graced with time with another friend I have not been able to spend quality time with in ten years. Also fortunate for me is that she lives in a beautiful home on the shore of Lake Champlain. Kayak season is a short one here in the northeast, so naturally most of my posts this month will be paddling adventures.

We shoved off from shore and headed north along a stretch of the lake I had never paddled before. This stretch of coastline is lined with steep cliffs that rise high above the water. It is also a very populated stretch of coastline with lakefront homes perched atop the cliffs. We have a front row seat to how the fortunate few who get to call these cliffs home live.

8-8-13 (12)
The rocky cliffs of Cumberland Head

Paddling along toward the setting sun we quickly forgot the days spent at our offices and focused on the brilliance of the setting sun and the joy that after ten years will little interaction, it was as if we never spent time apart.

8-8-13 (14)
The setting sun on the Adirondack Coast.

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