August Project: 8-7-13 A Night Out With Friends

It’s hump day! That in-between day that separates the beginning of the week that we all dread and the end of the week we all look forward to. Today I’m going to be unconventional about my post. I had already planned in advance to use this day to spend with two great friends that I have not seen in many months. With time at a minimum and so many months to catch up on, we decided to get together for a sit down meal in Downtown Plattsburgh.

Historic Downtown Plattsburgh is home to a world of dining options. By ‘world’ I mean food choices from regions around the world. American, Greek, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Himalayan, and Mexican restaurants all within a one mile block. Between all of these are coffee shops, bakeries, a smoothie bar, and ice cream. I could easily eat my way through the whole town if I thought I could handle it all at once.

We parked ourselves at one of the American restaurants, Livingoods to partake in their Seven Deadly Burgers menu, extensive beer selection, and the best calamari I have ever had. Over great food we talked and laughed till our faces hurt and eyes watered. Although not my typical after work kayak, paddleboard, or hike, this night was a much-needed and incredible moment I felt was worthy of a post.

Of course I promised a photo with every post. Another Adirondack Coast dining experience had.


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