The August Project 8-6-13: Kayak trip to Schuyler Island.

Kayak Log: August 6, 2013, 12:00pm. All loaded up for this years first kayak trip to Schuyler Island. I have another beginner with me today for his first time kayaking. What better way to introduce someone to kayaking then a nice 5 1/2 mile loop around Schuyler Island? I have introduced a few people to kayaking this way, and I am yet to find one that doesn’t enjoy the experience.

Pausing to admire the Adirondack Coast
Pausing to admire the Adirondack Coast

The perfect set up once again. Blue sky, warm air, and plenty of sunshine. We started out from the beach at Port Kent. To get the newcomer acquainted to his kayak, we headed south to another stretch of sandy beach in the protected bay. Sea legs under him, we shoved off for the longer stretch to the eastern shore of Schuyler Island.

Leaving Port Kent
Leaving Port Kent

From the eastern shore we had perfect views of the Green Mountains in Vermont broken only by passing sailboats. While getting lunch out of my lunchbox my kayak partner, with a look of absolute amazement, looked out over the water. He reminded me of myself every time I hike to the top of a high peak or paddle a distance to reach my ultimate goal. He said, like I have said many times before, “I can’t believe I just did that!”

8-6-13 (9)
Schuyler island in the distance

Today turned out to be a lot more than a kayak trip to Schuyler Island. Today I was reminded of myself. I introduced a new friend to something he had never seen before. This whole notion of mine to tackle the August Project has been an experience beyond what I expected. Old friends and I are getting together for the first time in a long time, and new friends are popping up along the way.

8-6-13 (17)
The Green Mountains of Vermont.

Another magnificent day on the Adirondack Coast!

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