The August Project. 8-5-13 The “no time” issue

We have all been there. The space between a twelve-hour shift at work and pitch black. I didn’t want to miss a chance to get outside on this perfectly beautiful day. With little time to spare, a friend and I decided to take the more localized, urban approach to outdoor time.

We headed out to walk the path along Lake Champlain near the old brownstone buildings of the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base. This section is part of many miles of paved paths that connect throughout the City.  It passes through a wooded area between the old Brownstone buildings and a set of railroad tracks.

8-5-13 (8)

We spent the majority of our time at one of the pavilions near the Plattsburgh Boat Basin which was formerly used as a part of the Plattsburgh Airforce Base Officers Club. Among the others who were out to enjoy the peaceful evening, We talked about current events, skipped stones, and picked up a few pieces of tumbled sea glass. The warm air and clear sky made the perfect purple hued backdrop of the Green Mountains of Vermont shine over the calm water of Lake Champlain.

8-5-13 (5)
Kayaks passing near Crab Island.

All together another beautiful way to end the work day.

8-5-13 (4)
Plattsburgh Boat Basin

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