What I’ve been up to on the Adirondack Coast……… Welcoming Summer.

Summer along the Adirondack Coast is here. I realized recently that I had been slack on my blog updates. Springtime along the Adirondack Coast required some creativity when it comes to outdoor activity. The winter chill held on much longer than expected. The days of warmth and sunshine only fell between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday-Friday. The rivers have been swollen with the spring thaw and heavy amounts of rain, and the water has consistently maintained temperatures too cold for safe paddling. All added up with my own personal distractions, and you get random quick jaunts outside.

My quick jaunts are an hour or two here and there visiting my regular parks and bays. A quick stroll on the trails of Point Au Roche State Park, a couple miles on my paddleboard, fishing trip in the northern bays, kayaking the Ausable River loop, and I have managed to squeeze in one camping trip to the lower Saranac Lake.

Now that Summer has arrived, the marinas are full, the lake is buzzing with activity, and Lake Champlain is warming quickly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that any wet weather comes only between 10pm and 6am, the days stay warm, the rivers stay calm, and no more distractions come my way. It’s officially time to get to summer the Adirondack Coast Way.


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