What I did this weekend on the Adirondack Coast……… Snow Paddle

The short and sweet of a great little Adirondack Mountain lake.

I know I have stated many times that hiking season is here. Well, it is, but I can’t resist a good time on the water. The last of the Autumn leaves are gone from the trees in the higher elevations, and snow is in the forecast. Kayaks loaded and hyped up on coffee, my paddling partner and I headed away from Plattsburgh into the Adirondack park for our annual Lake Placid paddle. I have paddled Lake Placid a few times and all of them have brought me rain. Lots of rain. This November 4th, the temperatures were at a level low enough to turn that precipitation into my first peek at some snowfall.

Snow squalls in the mountains around Lake Placid

The clouds were hanging low on the mountaintops. Each one frosted in white from the evenings sticky snowfall. The air temperatures were just about perfect for a not-so-cold day paddle around the islands. The trip around from the lake Placid boat launch is about seven miles. Lake Placid is a populated lake with the shores lined with the kinds of lavish vacation homes that many of us can only dream of. The large ornately decorated boat houses, manicured lawns, and that overstated Adirondack grandeur we all see in the magazines is all right here on Lake Placid.

The waters were calm, light breeze, and off in the distance the snow and clouds blended so well with the gray water that it was difficult to see where the lake ended and the sky began. The snow squalls moving among the mountains paints a beautiful black and white imagery as if the mountains were covered in cotton balls. I snapped off many photos before checking to make sure I wasn’t shooting in grayscale.

The addition of the snows through the mountains during our seven mile trip was the breathtaking highlight of the day. one can paddle the same body of water for years and never find the same thing twice. It’s always true with Lake Placid and I. Every trip has been very different from the last. November always seems to be the closing month for mountain lake paddling for me. The waters of each of the lakes should be solid ice as soon as the permanent cold sets in. Maybe a little ice will force me to get on to this hiking season I keep hinting at.

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