What I did today on the Adirondack Coast…… The best little mountain hike around!

I blogged a while back about this perfect little slice of the Adirondacks with views that rival the highest peaks. The hike is easy, short, and the rewards are hard to let go. I’m speaking of that little slice of mountain we call Rattlesnake. I’m trying not to sound too much like a broken record, but this is the place I bring friends to when they haven’t had much time in the mountains. The hike is only steep long enough to get your blood pumping before landing on the relatively flat top mountain. I always find myself staring out over this vista completely engulfed in its beauty.

Today Mother nature played the perfect hand. Very little breeze, warm sun, clear sky, and beautiful snow-capped mountains in the distance. Standing on those rocks staring down on the waters of Lake Champlain with the white peaked Green Mountains of Vermont standing highlighted in the distance will take your breath away. Every time I’ve reached the lookout I still feel that wild inner school child jumping around screaming “yippee!”. That school child later informed me that the big boulder near the summit also serves well as a jungle gym and skipping is totally acceptable when trotting through leaves.

Willsboro Bay, Willsboro Point, The Four Brothers Islands, and Mount Mansfield of Vermont.

The hike up Rattlesnake Mountain is the shortest hike I have done. I’ve done it repeatedly since I was introduced to it by a friend one blustery cold day in who-knows-what-cold-ass-month a few years back. Rattlesnake Mountain has served as my go-to mountain when introducing people to what I love about the Adirondack Coast, and it has yet to let me down.

See my first visit to rattlesnake Mountain here https://exploreadkcoast.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/what-i-did-this-weekend-on-the-adirondack-coast-hike-up-rattlesnake-mountain/

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One thought on “What I did today on the Adirondack Coast…… The best little mountain hike around!

  1. Great photos on a special outdoor day….thank you, and keep up the interesting work that you do!! Is the parking area for Rattlesnake alongside NYS Route 22 near Long Pond?

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