What I did the first day of summer on the Adirondack Coast…… SUP the Saranac River

It’s hot outside. Mother Nature is ringing in the first day of Summer with temperatures over 90 degrees in the Champlain Valley, and I’m all wrapped up in a shirt and tie at work, sweating bullets, wishing I was out on the water. I’m in hopes that this first day of summer is the beginning of a long summer of beautiful weather like this.

Fast forward 9 hours and I’m on my belly pushing out from the shore of the Cadyville beach on a SUP. SUP, formerly known as Stand Up Paddle has become an increasingly popular sport since the SUP has become more readily available. How would I describe SUP? Quite simply it is like walking on water while getting a full body workout. Find the sweet spot on your board where the best center of gravity between you and the board is, and you can stand and paddle comfortably without falling in the drink. It’s a very unique feeling to “walk on water”. The vantage point of your surroundings are far different from the sitting position of a kayak.

Ready to go!
Getting out on the SUP and cooling off.














We only had one SUP for the three of us. At all times two were in kayaks and one in the SUP. We mastered the fine art of swapping riders from the kayak to the board without going ashore. I don’t recommend this trick to anyone who doesn’t carry with them some pretty serious motor skills and good conversation between each rider. We managed two of these on-water kayak-to-SUP switches without incident, and managed to have all three SUP riders paddle without falling in. I’d call the three novice riders instant pros for this feat! This wasn’t my first time standing on the paddle board. I had an opportunity to try the sport last summer along the shore of Lake Champlain at Port Douglas. I loved it then, I love it now, and I’m really going to love it when I have one of these boards in my collection to take out whenever I’d like.

Of course it wouldn’t be an Adirondack Coast Blog without adding that even with the 90+ temperature, the conditions were perfect! There were a few clouds in the sky, only a mild breeze, and the water was a perfectly welcome retreat from the heat of the black top scorching me all day at work. This won’t be my first blog about  paddling the SUP for sure. The Saranac River at Cadyville beach has a stretch of about 4 miles of slow-moving water perfectly suited to SUP, canoe, or kayak trips.

How do you get there? From the main road in Plattsburgh, Route 3, head west toward Morrisonville. At the fork in the road for 22B and Route 3, keep right on route 3. Travel straight through West Plattsburgh, feel free to hit up Harrigan’s for an ice cream cone, and at the stop sign, turn left to continue on Route 3. In the village of Cadyville, you’ll find Cadyville Beach on your left. It’s easy to spot if you have your windows down. The sound of children laughing and splashing in the river is a sure sign that you have made it!

Get out there! Enjoy the river! If you’ve had a paddling experience on the Saranac River, I’d love to hear about it! E-Mail ADK.Coast.Guy@Gmail.com or post it here.


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