What I did this weekend on the Adirondack Coast…….. Kayak the Ausable River.

It was a busy Sunday on the Adirondack Coast. I ventured off into the wilderness at the Flat Rock Gulf Unique site, and then strapped the kayaks to my car to head out to Ausabe Point campground  in Peru to entertain the thought of teaching a newcomer to the sport of kayaking. It’s no surprise that Kayaking quickly became a passion for me after my first lesson a few years back. I take any opportunity to be out kayaking. Today I had a newcomer to the sport and plotted out where to teach her the ropes. I had a few options. Point Au Roche state park has a great spot called Deep Bay that takes the cake when I am planning on Kayak fishing. Cadyville Beach offers an easy place for boaters to put in and venture up the Saranac River. Ausable Point in Peru has a few places to put in that offer flat water kayaking around the Ausable River or in the Ausable Marsh.

We chose Ausable Point for the flat waters of the Ausable River. Before Memorial Day, Ausable Point is free to any visitor. We drove in and parked at one of the many campsites and unloaded our gear. I am not much of an instructor, but more like a “do as I say so you don’t go for a swim” kind of guy. Fortunately for me I had a great student along for the ride as well as another that I had introduced to Kayaking over a year earlier.

The Ausable River must be one of the premier Adirondack Coast paddling sites. the river is slow moving flat water that does a loop from one point on Lake Champlain to another. If the Lake is not too crazy, it makes for a great loop around the river, into the lake, and back up the other side. The flat water of the Ausable is the perfect place to float and relax while taking in the sights and sounds. On our trip the water was almost like glass with magnificent mirror reflections of the still naked trees.

Before Memorial Day, you can easily pick any camping spot to use as a place to put in for a canoe or kayak trip around the river. After Memorial day, if you do not have a campsite, you would need to put in at the Ausable Point beach on lake Champlain and paddle to the mouth of the river. Access to Ausable marsh for a bird watching paddle is accessible from the parking lot on the Ausable Point access rd.

Kayak season is here! Who’s up for a trip?

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