Tundra Swans in Lake Champlain? That’s what I went to see today on the Adirondack Coast.

The news was buzzing that a trio of Tundra Swans had made a vacation home of lake Champlain, so I had to see for myself. I’m no bird expert, but when someone claims “once in a lifetime” when it comes to anything, I’m Game. I grabbed the best camera I could find (thanks mom) and headed to Ausable Point in Peru NY. I have seen a lot of birds along the Adirondack Coast ranging from the average chickadee to the magnificent Bald Eagle, but I have never seen a swan! Maybe the rumors are true that this IS a once in a lifetime chance for me to see a Tundra Swan here nearby.

I won’t go crazy on Tundra Swan detail, but if your interested feel free to visit some of the sites I have tagged below.

I tried to go crazy with photos (25+), but I came out with a less than perfect display when I got the results at home. Please forgive my photography on this one. Maybe it’ll inspire you to go see the Swans a bit more closely. Get there before they go home!

I had a hard time getting these swans in view of my camera because they had decided to keep themselves in the reeds at the main entrance to Ausable Point Campground. I zoomed my SLR out as far as I could to get even a glimpse of the Swans in the distance. I have to say, I saw more swan butt than I did swan head. This trio must be very hungry for what Lake Champlain has to dish out! Normally this time of year Lake Champlain would have been completely frozen over blocking the Tundra Swan from stopping here at all. The mild winter we have experienced thus far has provided the swans with some open water to live in for the brief time they need to be away from their home far north of here.

I consider myself lucky to have witnessed the Swans first hand in the waters of Lake Champlain today. Rumor has it that they may leave at any time. If you just happen to be driving by Ausable Point in Peru NY or plan to go there to see the Swans, go before they fly out. We may never have this opportunity again. Maybe Ausable Point will have to add the Tundra Swan to their list of birds to watch for on their bird watching board.

If you’re going… Bring with you binoculars or a big zoom camera lens. You may need to zoom in to find them among the reeds.

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